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Australian Pipeline Valve (APV) and our distribution network can turn-key supply and fit Torqturn as well as all major OEM actuators to meet the most demanding on/off and control applications for all industries. Automation packages can be supplied in pneumatic, electric and hydraulic powered solutions.

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APV offers a wide range of actuators and controls to meet each customer application. Applications include multi-turn actuators on rising stem valves to scotch-yoke or double opposed piston actuators on part turn/ quarter turn rotary valves, gearboxes, over-rides, limit switches, deadman levers, fusible link levers, positioners and all accessories can be supplied and fitted.

Our philosophy is to offer what the customer wants and ensure the complete package is of the highest quality.

Automation service capabilities include the supply of fully assembled valve packages such as:

  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuation
  • Pre-installation of switches, positioners, thrust and torque sensors, signal conditioners
  • Integral control actuation, two wire and closed loop systems
  • Over-rides, limit stops and accessories

APV valves are manufactured to ISO5211 mounting specifications for ease of automation. We can design and supply actuator to valve adaptor plates between (MSS SP-101, MSS SP-102, ISO 5210, ISO 5211) as well as machining of drive nuts and operating shaft adaptors and supply all hardware required for MOV assembly. All mounting and testing of controls and accessories can be performed in-house at our Adelaide valve automation centre.


Optimisation is about selecting the most efficient actuator that will consume the least power to provide the best operating performance of the actuated valve. In order to achieve this, one must be competent in both valve and actuator knowledge. Sufficient safety whilst avoiding over-sizing is the goal. Long trouble free service is the end result.

The GSL engineering team has significant experience in automated valve packages. As well as sizing software, accurate manufacturers valve torque data records of “Actual” torque history ensures accurate sizing. Furthermore, when we order scotch yoke actuators, GSL ensures a batch torque test is done to confirm the actual actuator torque.

Our sizing programs and date covers actuated quarter turn valves and shutdown valves. We have full in-house valve and torque testing capabilities allowing us to test the valve and actuator torque as well as perform an actuator function test, whilst the valve is under full test pressure. Our experienced automation team is the best in the business.

Factors such as high temperature, abrasive services, stem strength, accessories and differential pressure drop are all factored into our sizing program.

We understand the control logics of shutdown valves and only install proven components. From Swagelok fittings through to ASCO solenoid valves, we carry everything in stock. We have full in-house testing capabilities in our Lloyds 9001 certified Australian Valve Centre.


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