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The controlled capture and processing of high-heat, pressurised steam requires precision engineering and equipment.

APV valves are available for all types of Geothermal plants which includes dry steam, flash steam and binary cycle. APV manufactures high-quality, high-performance geothermal valves. Geothermal power plants utilise heat in the form of steam, brine and/or heat transfer fluids to activate steam turbines to produce electricity.

APV manufactures a complete line of low-maintenance, dependable Thru Conduit Expanding & Slab Gate valves, Parallel Slide & Wedge Gate valves as well as metal to metal seated Ball valves designed specifically for geothermal service. Made of materials that resist the impurities contained in the different geothermal processes.

Silica scaling can cause build-up, valve leakage and complete valve failure. Hence, APV valves are designed and proven to operate reliably in demanding geothermal service to 370ºC.

Geothermal Gates - Parallel Slide & Wedge

Design: API 600
Sizes: 15NB ~ 750NB (1/2” ~ 30”)
Class: 150 - 1500

Geothermal Thru Conduit Gates - Slab & Expanding

Design: API 6D
Sizes: 80NB ~ 600NB (3” ~ 24”)
Class: 150 - 1500

Limited inventory availability. Most sizes and pressure classes made to order. 

Trim Configuration Options 

Inconel 625 stem/gate/seat
316 SS stem/gate/seat
17-4 PH stem/gate/seat
Inconel lined bore & seal area
Stellite overlay ST #21/ ST #6

Thermal Relief System

With the expanding gate type, it is possible for thermal expansion to occur in the body cavity while the valve is in the closed position. A thermal relief valve bypass system allows the body cavity to relieve into the upstream side of the valve.

Geothermal Metal to Metal Seated Ball Valves - Trunnion & Floating

Geothermal wellhead piping systems cause problems with valve life due to scaling. Metal to Metal seated ball valves offer advantages when scaling occurs, as with metal seated valves, scaling is scraped off the seat/ball surface and the particulates do not accumulate in the seat area, which is normally a problem with other valve types jamming or seat damage and making the valve inoperable or causing seat leakage in the longer term. 

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