b'A D E L A I D EB R I S B A N EP E R T Hwww.australianpipelinevalve.com.auLOCAL DISTRIBUTORQUALITY ASSURANCE AND CERTIFICATIONWe are continually improving all facets of quality assurance. Full metallurgical and test certificates are always supplied for all pressure retaining parts, we also provide it on all major trim components.We have endeavoured to provide a broad outline of our range and capabilities. Because we are continually developing new products for our customers this catalogue will, to some extent be incomplete. This catalogue is a general overview only, individual drawings and data sheets can be furnished on request.If you have any requirement in the field of valves, please contact us for a prompt response. Continuous development of Australian Pipeline Valve products may necessitate changes in the design or manufacturing processes. Australian Pipeline Valve reserves the right to effect any such changes without prior notice.Australian Pipeline Valve 1990 - 2021 Edition'