b'LINED BALL VALVEPFA/FEP LINED BALL VALVERFFL SERIESThe Superseal RFFL lined ball valve utilises PFA lining which has the same chemical inertnessas PTFE.Due to its chemical composition, PFA retains a high amount of mechanical strength at elevated temperatures. Up to 200C (400F).The Superseal Model RFFL Energised Flexible Seat gives the ball a light loaded cushioningeffectinallpositions.Thelinepressureagainstthefloatingballfurtherenergisestheseat.Therefore the higher the pressure the tighter the seal, whilst at low pressures the valve is easier to turn than other brands.The inherent lubricity properties of the PTFE seat give the Ball a cushioning effect and this combined with the PTFE coated Ball & integral stem ensures no jamming or stem breakage.The resilient cushioning effect also extends the life of the valve.Traditional 2 piece ball & stemdesign,withFlatteflonseatsplacemorestrainonallcomponents.Inlargersizesatrunnion mounted ball is also available to further ensure no stem or seat leakage, caused by the operator forcing the ball off axis due to particulates jamming the seating area.WC LEGENDL = Face to FaceN# = Number of HolesOD OD = Flange DiameterRF HS = Size of HoleTH = Flange ThicknessW = Lever LengthFR = Raised Face DiameterT PCD G = Gear LengthN# L N# T = Raised Face ThicknessHS C = Centre of Flange to Height of BodyMATERIALS PCD = Pitch Circle DiameterParts MaterialBody PFA/FEP Lined Body End Ductile Iron/WCB/CF8MBall with Integral Stem Teflon Coated DI/WCB/316Seat Ring - Energised PTFEStem Bearing PTFEGland Box Ductile IronBush PTFE TORQUE AND CV VALUE 150LBGland Packing PTFE Size Flow Rate (Value)Gland Nut ASTM A 276 Type 316 inch mm Break - Away Torque inch Lbs (Nm) CvGasket PTFE 1 25 75 (8.5) 41Lever Holder Steel 1.5 40 245 (28 173Stud SS 2 50 305 (35) 317Nut SS 3 80 565 (64) 682Hex-Bolt SS 4 100 870 (98) 1495Socket-Head screw SS 6 150 2150 (243) 3558Stopper Plate Steel + ZPHex-Bolt Steel Start- Break - Away TorqueLever Steel + ZP Running - 60% of B.A.T.Lining PFA, FEP, PP or ETFC Close - - 80% of B.A.T.* Full Trunnion Mount also availableWhen the ball rotates into closed position, the minute gap between the body and the seat further energises the seat against the ball, ensuring the ball and stem are not tilted on an angle (which can cause seat & stem leakage) giving the ball a trunnion like effect during closing and once closed. Model RFFL superior integral fullyTeflonencapsulatedballValve Open Valve Closed and stem design.20 SUPERSEAL - Industrial Ball Valves'