b'LINED BUTTERFLY VALVEMODEL 2014-HP2 / 2016-HP2SPECIFICATIONSAvailable To Suit Following Flanging Pressure RatingANSI(ASA)150LB,AS 2129 Table F, H,AS4087PN21,EN1092-2PN25,(50NB to 300NB Only)FacetofacedimensionavailableinaccordancewithBSEN593/BSEN558/API629 Bi-directionalbubble-tightshutoffto / ISO 5752. 2500kPa,andseattestedto110%offullDesign -AvailableinAPI609-A,AS4795,EN,BS. rating.Bodyistestedto150%offullrating.Fluid Application - Water,seawater,sewage,air,oil,powder,petroleum,gas, Workingpressure:-2500kPa.chemicals,salts,alkalinesetc. Seattestpressure:-2750kPa.Operation - Generallyflowcontrollever¬chplateto100NB,gearopover100NBMounting - ToISO5211onrequest.Longlasting,highperformancedesign.H HHN-DK DG2G1 G1 G1 K KG1G2K CCN- N-Wafer Style 2014A HP2 Lugged Style 2016 HP2(Somesizesareoftensemi-luggedas Wafer Style 2014 HP2 (CanbesuppliedASA150,300shownwith2or4lugs).PCDofLug TableH,PN25etc.)holessuppliedaccordingtoorderi.e.ASA150,300,TableF, H,PN25etcCG1/G2Semi Lug Gear Operated Lever & Notch PlateGeneral Applications Continuous Working Temperature Range Disc Material Seat MaterialSteam, Water, Hot Gases,Liquids - 10C to 120CGeneral PurposePowders, Slurries and AqueousDry Services - 10C to 100C Stainless Steel EPDMSlurries of an abrasive natureBrines, Sea Water, Estuary Water, -10C to 90/100C Aluminium Bronze or ENPBlack Nitrile Marine Bilge & Ballast Systems or S/S or Nylon coated or EPDMHydrocarbonsTeflon or Nylon Coated Oils, Fuels, Water, Air, Gases,(Except Aromatics) - 10C to 90Cor SG Iron or ENPBlack NitrilePowders, Pellets, Slurries etc. Other Liquids- 10C to 90Cor stainlessDry Services - 10C to 60CWater & other non erosive fluids All -10C to 90/100C S.G Iron or powder coated ANY(Solid PTFE will do up to 160C)32 SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves 33'