b'TRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVESMODEL SLHBFFS-T 150 TO 2500 CLASS TRIPLE OFFSETMULTIPLE LAMINATED DISC SEATINGKey Components1. Disc retainer 4.2. Seal ring triple laminated 3.3. Spiral wound or graphite gasket 2.4. Disc 1.Due to the elasticity and the radial compression of the multiple laminated seal ring, the contact pressure is uniformly distributed around the seating surface guaranteeing zero leakage. The use of graphite (or PTFE) laminated between multiple metal sealing rings ensures tightness between seal ring layers and an ideal level of flexibility allowing each metal layer to independently find the optimal seating position. One-piece metal Solid Seal Ring (SSR) is also available.Slide Seal DesignGlandThis dynamic seating arrangement features a double inclined cone design. The disc seal ring slides into theBearing Protector/SealBearing seating area to close the valve. This slide touch providesProtector/Seala better sealing than the typical conventional of contactPacking Bearingtouch.Also, the seal ring is solid metal enabling it toGasketsweep away particles left on seat surface to double secure a tight sealing and ensure a long life cycle. Bearings SealPRODUCT FEATURES Triple offset disc rotation to minimise the rubbing ofTop Bonnet Parts Bottom Bonnet Partsthe seat & seal contact surface and achieve high integrity sealing Bi-directional tight sealing - zero leakage Inherently fire safe design to API 607Spiral wound graphite or graphite Replaceable seat & seals composites gasket Round keyed or square stem Firesafe Seat Low torque designReplaceable Valve seat Low fugitive emissions - ISO 15848-1 approvedBlow out proof shaft to API 607Lateral xed pins Live loading packing glandEnsure maximum stem strength Auto spring compensationSeal ringReplaceable disc seal Stem sealing systemsolid or laminated Comply with micro leakage(Helium) test requirementsStem bearingSupport stem for reduced frictionc/w bearing protector and sealOptimised disc sizeO\x1fering maximum strengthalong with maximum flow rate Wide angle seat designEliminates binding/ wedging, optimal resistanceto erosion in abrasive and high velocity applicationsBearing protection ringsIndicative only. Refer to as built drawing design varies according to size & class.12 SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves 13'