b'Y-TYPE STRAINERY-T Y P E S T R A I N E R S L C I - 8 1 1 1 - 2 5 S E R I E SDUCTILE IRON/STEEL PN25 FLANGED & RATEDY-Type cast strainers are manufactured with Heavy Duty spot welded stainless steel punched screens.Suitable for water, oil & numer-ous fluid applications. Flowturn strainers have 10 times the open area of the nominal pipe bore.Multiply this by the open area of the screen size to calculate total open area.On average, this gives Flowturn strainers 3 to 4 times the pipe bore open area when using standard hole perforation sizes.Service RecommendationsThese strainers are FlangingAvailable in: PN25 - AS 4331.1/EN 1092-2/ISO 7005-designed for long service. Installation of a strainer before1, PN21 - AS 4087, PN35* - AS 4087 (PN25 rated, PN35 drilled), any automatic equipment will ensure trouble free service andTable F - AS 2129.avoid the costly repairs or replacements so often caused by the introduction of foreign matter in pipe lines. *For true PN35 rating, refer 300 class WCBFlowturn strainer which can be supplied FeaturesAll sizes feature a bolted cover, asFlanged to suit PN35illustrated. Covers normally furnished with blowoff plug.Epoxy coated internal & external.ScreensHeavy gauge perforated stainless steel normallyfurnished with spot welded seams.FLOWBodySLCI-8111-25ScreenStudsGasket Pressure DropWhen the strainer element is partially blocked the Cover pressure drop incurred will be inversely proportional Nuts to the area remaining clean.Drain PlugAVAILABLE SCREEN TYPES (SS MESH)*Nominal Size PerforationPitch of HolesScreen Thick- Approx Mesh%Micron CountCD1 (P) ness Size Open Area25mm to 50/65mm 1.0 to 1.15* 2.0 0.4 # 20 36 %50/80mm to2.0 to 3.18* 3.5 0.5 # 5 48 %150mm200mm to 250mm 3.0 to 3.18* 4.5 0.6 # 6 42 %* Only a guide, will vary all sizes on request.PRESSURE/TEMPERATUREPN25 rated, maximum cold working pressure 2.5 mPa. Maximum Temp 220C (pressure limitations apply at maximum tem-perature).All strainers are tested to 1.5 times the maximum working pressure.If for higher temperatureapplication you must advise so we can use high temperature gasket.FLOWTURN - Strainers and Sight Glasses 9'