b'Y-TYPE STRAINERY-T Y P E S T R A I N E R S L C I - 8 1 1 1 S E R I E SCAST IRON, FLANGED TO SUIT 125LB ANSI B16.5 & AS/BS TABLE D, E, PN10/PN16Flanged to Suit 125LB ANSI B16.5, AS 2129 Table D, E / AS 4087 / ISO 7005-1 / AS 4331.1 PN10~21.Y-Type cast strainers are manufactured with Heavy Duty Spot welded stainless steel punched screens.Suitable for water, oil & numerous fluid applications. Flowturn strainers have 10 times the open area of the nominal pipe bore.Multiply this by the open area of the screen size to calculate total open area. On average, this gives Flowturn strainers 3 to 4 times the pipe bore open area when using standard hole perforation sizes.DesignASTM F1200-88, BSEN 1074, ANSI B16.1, EN 12266-1.Service RecommendationsThese strainers are designed for long service. Installation of a strainer before any automatic equipment will ensure trouble free service and avoid the costly repairs or replacements so often caused by the introduction of foreign matter in pipe lines.FeaturesAll sizes feature a bolted cover, as illustrated. Covers normally furnished with blowoff plug.ScreensHeavy gauge perforated stainless steel normallyfurnished with spot welded seams.FlangingAvailable in ANSI B16.5, AS 2129 Table D/E,AS 4087/AS 4331.1/EN 1092-2/ISO 7005-1 PN10~16(PN25 and 250LB also available in ductile iron & carbon steel). SLCI-8111FLOWL1/L2BodyScreen DStudsHGasketCover SLCI-8111Nuts1 4 3 5 2* 6Drain PlugFLOW RATE MATERIALS LISTFlow in L/sec at pressure drop of No Parts Name Cast SteelNom. Bore 3.5kPa 14kPa 34kPa 1 Body Cast Iron50 4.5 7.95 12.25 2 Cover Cast Iron65 6.5 12.5 19.703 Gasket NBR/EPDM/PTFE80 9.5 19.32 30100 14.75 29.5 47.75 4 Screen SS304/316125 23.9 48.5 83 5 Bolting Steel150 33.75 67 106 6 Drain Plug SteelFLOWTURN - Strainers and Sight Glasses 7'