b'TECHNICALCONSIDERATIONS OF TECHNICAL RISK / LIMIT OF LIABILITY FOR APV - FLOWTURN STRAINERSAustralian Pipeline Valve dont consider in our design the following factors of risk:1.APV-Flowturn Standard Iron check valves and strainers can be used in a temperature range between -10 to +100Cup to 200C depending on seats. (Note, pressure limitations apply above 38C refer to Pressure/Temperature charts.)Australian Pipeline Valve-Flowturn Standard iron valves are not suitable for low temperature service below -10C.Steel and other grades of steel are as per ASME B16.34 but temperature is also limited by gaskets and seals.2.The onus is on the customer to specify all materials of construction and service conditions. Australian Pipeline Valve shall assume standard materials and conditions if not otherwise specified.3.Australian Pipeline Valve Standard strainers are not equipped with devices suitable to avoid internal over-pressures caused by incorrect operations of process or by-fluids & liquids subjected to an increase of volume and/or pressure and/or strainer blockage.4.Australian Pipeline Valve Standard strainers are not designed with special devices to withstand a sudden thermal jump (thermal shock).5.In general Australian Pipeline Valve Standard strainers are not mechanically designed to bear overloads due to exceptional atmospheric or natural phenomenons (such as earthquakes).6.In general Australian Pipeline Valve Standard strainers are not designed to bear loads on flanges, on pipeconnections or pipe-line.7.The compatibility between the strainers construction materials and medium is selected by the user. The user is ultimately responsible for verifying the compatibility between medium and materials.8.Abrasive or dirty service applications need to be considered and stated at time of order.9.The installation shall be designed to provide adequate means of draining and venting to avoid harmful effects such as water hammer, vacuum collapse, corrosion and uncontrolled chemical reactions and to permit cleaning, inspection and maintenance in the correct manner.10.The strainers have not been designed to include corrosion, erosion or abrsion alowances.11.The piping system shall be so designed to reduce the risk of fatigue due to vibration of pipes.12.APV-Flowturn strainers are suitable for liquid working pressures specified (cold working pressure cwp j ) on drawing and only when used in hydraulic installations in which shock is absent or negligible. Strainers are not designed to operate under high shock loadings. Where pressure increases occur due to shock loading (water hammer), they should be added to the working pressure to obtain the total pressure acting on the valve. The total must not exceed the pressure rating of the valve. A pressure surge, or shock, is usually caused by the rapid closure of a check valve or quarter turn valve resulting in a sudden reduction in flow rate.Where shock is likely to occur, the maximum shock pressure should be added to the working pressure (cwp j ) of the line to determine working pressure of products in the line.also, hydraulic installations should be equipped with air chambers or other types of shock absorbers to eliminate, as much as possible, increase in pressure due to shock.Maximum operating pressure reduces as service temperature increases. Pressure and temperature limitations are as per ASME B16.34 or ASME B16.1 and as shown on the drawing - gaskets and internal components all reduce temperaturerating. Cold working pressure jor class is shown on the identification plate and drawing, and must not be exceeded.jCold Working Pressure cwp : where Cold Working Pressure is the maximum rated pressure of the valve at a temperature up to 65C (150F). Pressure rating shown on drawing, labels and certificate is always cold working pressure non-shock.START-UPBefore installing the strainer onto the pipe-line it is mandatory, for the user, to verify the compatibility of the strainer with service conditions (medium, temperature and pressure). With reference to standard strainers held in stock, the reseller andend user will have to assure themselves of the compatibility between the strainer and the conditions required by the customer.Before using the valve in a potential explosive atmosphere its necessary for the customer to: -To verify the correct type of strainer is specified.To verify the compatibility between the strainer and the zone in which the valve should be installedTo foresee the pipe-line ground condition on which the strainer should be installedTo check that the temperature if the valve surface is not higher than the flammable point of the atmospherein which the strainer is installed (in this case specify an insulating cover device for the strainers)To avoid mechanical knocks during the installation that may cause sparks.Australian Pipeline Valve cannot be held responsible for damage caused by use of the product for any reason, especiallyif it is improper use or modified.FLOWTURN - Strainers and Sight Glasses 25'