b'3 IN 1 STRAINER EXPANSION JOINT3 IN 1 STRAINER EXPANSION JOINTFLOW CONDITIONER - MODEL TKVFlanged AdapterDLStraightener / FlowConditioner, L6DStrainer Conventional SetFigure 1APPLICATION Without Flow ConditionerPN10 & PN16Turbulent flowPrevents damage to water meters by filtering the water entering water meter. Flow InIncrease water flow rates measuring accuracy of water meters.MAIN FEATURES & BENEFITS With Flow ConditionerStainless steel flow conditioner pipe set, ableTo Water Meter Flow conditionerto reduce turbulent flow and creating laminar flow, thus increasing flow rates measuring accuracy of water meters. See Figure 2.Stainless steel strainer mesh.Built-in expansion joints allow flexible movements of the distances between flow meter, allowing ease of assembly. StreamlinesFusion Bonded Epoxy Powder (FBE) coating body. Laminar flowFigure 222 FLOWTURN - Strainers and Sight Glasses'