GATE VALVES Gate valves are used for bi-directional shut off applications where minimum pressure drop is required. They are not designed for throttling service. Gear operators, actuators, by-passes, actuators etc, can be fitted on request. Parallel slide style also available. GLOBE VALVES Globe valves are ideal for throttling and shut off. They can be used for shut off service, but do have a higher pressure drop and seat leakage allowance than gate valves. Globe valves should not be used for prolonged throttling at less than 10% open. Gearboxes, actuators, bypasses etc, can be fitted. RATINGS Valves must only be used in operating conditions within the correct ANSI pressure-temperature ratings for valve class rating and body/bonnet material. TEMPERATURE LIMITATIONS Only use valves within the correct temperature limitations of their construction. Temperature limitations of body/bonnet materials, trim, bolting, packing and gaskets must all be considered. AUSTRALIAN PIPELINE VALVE 13 OVERVIEW VALVE SELECTION CRITERIA