b'BVF100 SERIESBVF100 SERIES API 6D FORGED 3 PIECE BODYTRUNNION BALL VALVES1/2 - 36 ANSI CLASS - 150/300/600/900/1500/2500Endurance Test Certified API 607 6th & 7th Ed. & ISO 10497 ISO 15848-1 Class CO2Firesafe Certified Fugitive Emission CertifiedDesign and construction conforms to API 6D specifications, tested to API 607 & 6D standards.Independent loaded upstream and downstream seats provide a tight shut-off and allow the valves to be used forbi-directionalflow.Springloadedseatdesignprovideslowandhighpressuresealingandbodycavitypressurereliefdue to self relieving seat design.Suitableforsingleordoubleblockandbleed applications.BVF100 Series 3 Piece Ball Valves have an emergency seal facility, blow-out proof stem, full through-conduitbore,electrolessnickelplatedorstainless trim and are anti-static.Stem and gland seals can be replaced in-line for ease of maintenance. Availablewithlockingdevices,stemextensions,pipepups,andactuation.ThefullrangeofAPVvalvescanmeetNACE standard MR-10-75, latest edition if necessary.APVwasoneofthefirstbrandsintheworldtohavefiresafecertificationtoAPI6076th and 7th Edition, aswellasbeingFiresafeCertified(DNVwitnessed)toAPI6FA3rdEdition&ISO10497-2010.FEATURES ForgedConstruction Enclosed,EncapsulatedTripleBarrierStemSealsRuggedAnti-CorrosiveGearDesign BlowoutProofStemDesign Seat Lubrication Facility Emergency Stem Lubrication Fitting Body Bleed and Drain Ports Self Lubricating PTFE coated Trunnion BearingsThis catalogue is general in its nature and the design and materials can change at any time.This catalogue is to be used as a guide only.AUSTRALIAN PIPELINE VALVE 23'